Event Watch: Luxury Interactive 2014 (New York)

    China will be center stage at the upcoming luxury conference covering top industry trends such as the new global reality for brands, customer service in the digital age, and more.
    This year's Luxury Interactive event will focus on China and related topics. (Shutterstock)
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    This year's Luxury Interactive event will focus on China and crucial luxury industry topics. (Shutterstock)

    Running from October 13-15 in New York City, the latest installment of Luxury Interactive 2014 will feature 55 executive speakers (its largest executive speaker faculty to date) and spotlight 11 luxury verticals, presenting insightful topics, networking opportunities, and an ideal cross-section of brands. Speakers from Rebecca Minkoff, Sotheby’s, Alice + Olivia, Cartier and more will cover a wide range of crucial luxury industry topics, including the new global reality for brands, leveraging tech to improve brand experience, customer service in the digital age, and more.

    Given its importance to the global luxury market, China will be center stage at this year’s event. Speakers will discuss important subjects such as “High Net Worth Individuals In BRIC-dom: Facts And Myths About Their Consumption Of Luxury” and “The Global Chinese Luxury Consumer: Opportunities & Pitfalls.”

    Important luxury areas covered at this year’s event will include:#


    Optimizing e-commerce#

    : focusing on site functionality that reduces abandonment and drives sales.


    Creative content creation#

    to surprise and delight your customers.


    Leveraging data#

    for create personalized touchpoints on digital channels.


    Integrating in-store technology#

    to link the online and offline experience.


    Breaking down company silos#

    to build your brand’s omni-channel expansion.


    Capitalizing on mobile capabilities#

    and social outreach for the jetsetting consumers.


    Building an online marketing mix#

    that drives business value.


    Focusing on your global e-commerce business#

    : where to expand and keys to success

    Luxury Interactive is an event not to miss for anybody looking to thrive in the new global luxury market. There’s a reason the conference boasts a loyal base of attendees and speakers – don’t miss out.

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