Event Watch: Fashion Conference on International Brand Building, Beijing (Oct 31)

    The three hour brand building fashion conference features five expert panelists, as well as a Q&A and networking opportunities.
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    360Fashion Network, Fashion Masters, and the China Fashion Association Host Fashion Conference in Beijing#

    On Sunday, October 31, Beijing will host a Fashion Conference looking at the ways that Eastern and Western cultures have come together and how international brand images will develop. The three hour panel features five expert panelists, as well as a Q&A and networking opportunities. The panel of experts includes Joanna Weidenmiller, CMO and partner of, managing partner of Eventpod, co-founder and CEO of The One Page Company. Calling on her background in technology and film, Joanna will be speaking on how technology can support brand communication strategy and open new avenues of revenue.

    Michela Muratori, a previous runway model who now runs Fun and Fashion Productions, a fashion event planning group, will speak on how styling, runways, and fashion events can communicate and support brand identity. As a renown photographer, Toni Meneguzzo will provide insight on how fashion photography can translate a brand’s visual identity. Matteo Serra is the founder of Purefashion, a local agency that helps launch and develop foreign brands in China, and will speak on the match between a foreign brand and a Chinese retailer, as well as how to launch and develop new brands in China. Designer Aurelien LeCour, one half of the design team at Le Divan, will discuss the influence of design, culture, and art on the brand product.

    With these top-level fashion professionals, attendees will also be able to participate in an ongoing dialogue on the topic of international brand building as it relates to China.

    To register for the event or for more information, check out the conference website.

    October 31, 9:00am - 12:00pm
    Raffles Beijing Hotel, Basement 1
    33 Chang'An Avenue, Beijing

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