Event Watch: Chinese Visitor Summit 2013 In Abu Dhabi

    In the beginning of September, top-tier travel buyers and service providers will gather in Abu Dhabi to strategize ways to best serve a growing contingent of Chinese tourists making their way to the UAE and beyond.
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    Last year's Chinese Visitor Summit. (Chinese Visitor Summit)

    On September 2nd and 3rd, 75 top-tier travel buyers with annual budgets over US$5 million will convene in Abu Dhabi for the second annual Chinese Visitor Summit to meet with hoteliers, travel providers, and retailers from destinations such as Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Kenya, and Seychelles.

    According to the event's official description, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming an increasingly important hub for Chinese travelers:

    In 2012, 300,000 Chinese visitors arrived in the UAE (42% more than in 2011), attracted primarily by the destination’s wealth of tax-free shopping opportunities. Dubai has registered a 27% increase in Chinese hotel staying guests during 2012. Chinese visitors are increasing their average stay to four nights, compared with three nights just two years ago. China now ranks as Abu Dhabi’s seventh international source market in terms of guest arrivals. In Abu Dhabi, there was a 78% year on year increase in Chinese hotel guests during 2012. Double digit growth from China is forecasted in the foreseeable future.

    Furthermore, Chinese visitors to the UAE often continue on to destinations in the Middle East, Africa, or Europe. According to the event site, “Today, the Chinese traveler has varied interests – culture and heritage, cuisine, beaches and resorts, golf are of equal interest as shopping.”

    To learn more, visit the event’s website.

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