Event Watch | China Connect 2014: Embracing The Chinese Thrill For Shopping

    E-commerce strategy, mobile marketing, and the power of KOLs will all be on the agenda for the fourth edition of China Connect, which has just been scheduled for March 6-7.
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    With presentations by top global experts on digital marketing innovations in China, the fourth edition of China Connect is set to feature two information-packed days of insights into e-commerce, mobile, and more.

    Taking place from March 6-7, the Paris-based conference will explore the theme of “Embracing the Chinese Thrill for Shopping,” touching on topics such as China’s competitive e-commerce landscape, how to leverage China’s “mobile-centric” market through major players such WeChat and rising new apps such as Kaokao Talk, and how brands can better work with China’s KOLs, a major luxury marketing force. This year’s speaker lineup includes representatives from Ogilvy Entertainment, Air France, NC Style, TechNode, McKinsey, and more.

    Launched in 2011 by advertising and media expert Laure de Carayon, China Connect is now in its fourth edition and has featured experts from China’s top internet giants such Tencent, Baidu, Tmall, Youku-Tudou and Sina Weibo in the past. In addition, the event has featured marketing professionals from companies in fashion, cosmetics retail, auction, and more, and is attended annually by representatives from Europe’s top luxury brands.

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