Event Watch | Art x Lux Conference: The Business of Creative Collaborations

    On August 15, creatives across luxury and art industries are invited to come together in Hong Kong for the first speaker series event presented by The Art Gorgeous.
    Talenia Phua Gajardo, CEO & founder of Luxglove & TheArtling in Singapore will be giving a talk at the first Art x Lux Conference on August 15.
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    From art exhibitions in shopping malls to five-star hotels offering residence programs, China has noticeably become a hub for the intersection of art and luxury. To help creatives across industries to better understand and build on this trend, contemporary art, luxury, and fashion industries will converge on August 15 in Hong Kong for the first Art x Lux Conference by media company and agency The Art Gorgeous. Art x Lux Conference: The Business of Creative Collaborations is a one-day event packed with thought-provoking talks by leaders in their fields to explore how brands targeting Chinese consumers can benefit from working with artists and art institutions.

    The schedule highlights include representatives from Art Basel, Beijing-based private art museum M Woods, Artist Adrian Wong, German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss, online art gallery Artling, and Shanghai and Hong Kong art mall K11. Also on the speaker list is Yuki Terase of Sotheby's and Deepak Sharma, managing director of Loewe/LVMH, in addition to many other top-level executives. Thinkers and influencers working not only in luxury fashion brands, but in the automotive sector, property development, banking and finance, auction houses and more are expected to attend.

    The Art Gorgeous is a platform for connecting art enthusiasts to the people behind the industry through building a network of global trendsetters through and This debut event aims to bridge the gap across communities to seek innovative ways to work together to grow brand reach for participants.

    Talk schedule highlights include:

    • Wun Dun - The Making of an Art Bar Installation
    • ArtTech/LuxTech - What the Future Holds for E-Commerce in South East Asia
    • The Mall as the New Museum - How to Curate Art for a Mass Audience
    • Digital Art Patronage and the Power of Social Media

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