Estée Lauder And Shushu/Tong Pair Up For Valentine’s Day

    Following a collaboration for the Qixi Festival in 2021, Estée Lauder and Shushu/Tong have joined forces again for Valentine's Day 2023.
    The second collaboration between Estée Lauder and Shushu/Tong is more comprehensive than their first, featuring various products and marketing activities. Photo: Estée Lauder
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    Estée Lauder has joined forces with Chinese designer brand Shushu/Tong to launch limited edition gift boxes in celebration of Valentine’s Day 2023. Different types of gift sets are available and include the beauty brand’s signature skincare, makeup, and fragrance products. Drawing inspiration from Shushu/Tong’s Spring 2023 collection, the packaging features red and pink rose patterns and the fashion label's iconic bowknot design.

    In addition to digital assets promoting the collaboration, offline initiatives encompassing a pop-up installation and physical displays of the products at Shushu/Tong’s flagship store in Shanghai JC Plaza have been launched to engage customers.

    Shushu/Tong presents a pop-up installation at its flagship store in Shanghai JC Plaza. Photo: Estée Lauder
    Shushu/Tong presents a pop-up installation at its flagship store in Shanghai JC Plaza. Photo: Estée Lauder

    Netizens’ Reaction#

    The campaign video has received over 3 million views on Weibo since it was released on February 1. On social media platform Xiaohongshu, many users expressed their appreciation of the packaging of the gift boxes and posted pictures of their experience visiting the offline pop-up. Under Estée Lauder’s campaign post on its WeChat account, users shared their love stories for Valentine’s Day.


    Estée Lauder’s first collaboration with Shushu/Tong kicked off in July 2021 for the Qixi Festival, marking the first time a leading global beauty player had teamed up with a homegrown fashion designer brand. The debut was a huge surprise to Chinese beauty and fashion enthusiasts, and set a benchmark for localization strategies for beauty labels.

    The partnership is clearly a win-win for both parties. Shushu/Tong’s feminine yet avant-garde aesthetic helps Estée Lauder build a dynamic and bold brand image and resonate with the young demographic. Meanwhile, the beauty label’s extensive recognition among local shoppers allows the once emerging designer name to achieve a broader reach.

    Expanding its digital and physical presence, Shushu/Tong unveiled its first standalone store in July 2022. This second collaboration with Estée Lauder is more comprehensive than the first, with more products and marketing activities. However, as consumers are exposed to a growing number of collaborations, a limited-edition gift box is not enough to maintain the brand's desirability in the long term.

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