Enzo Ring Ad Queries, 'How Many Times Do You Want To Get Married?'

    A new engagement ring advertising campaign draws in Chinese readers with a provocative question, but an Ogilvy executive explains why its main message is romantic.
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    A new advertising campaign by jewelry maker Enzo shows off its collection of engagement rings by asking Chinese readers how many times they want to tie the knot—however, the question is rhetorical, and meant to emphasize its wide variety of ring selections rather than a variety of spouses.

    According to a Chinese-language article on DamnDigital, the ad is intended to "broach a shocking topic in order to spark discussion," but the main point is that, "there's only one true love." However, there are many different tastes that need to be accounted for, which Enzo hopes to accommodate. According to Ma Weiwei from Ogilvy Fashion & Lifestyle, the company which designed the ad (translated from Chinese),

    "We wanted a whole new concept to attract the eyes; a unique aesthetic. With a marketplace so congested with romantic images, Enzo needed a marriage series that was distinct from the rest. We focused on the variety of different rings as a selling point: Enzo offers newlyweds a diverse selection. The ad emphasizes the value and fashionable charm of Enzo's wedding collection. The ad balances an emphasis on both the collection's diversity and fashionable aesthetic."

    See another image from the campaign below (click to view the full-size version).

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