Don't Miss: "Plugged In" Exhibition By Shanghai Artist Collective Island6 (New York, Jan 8 - Mar 20)

    "Plugged In," by Shanghai artist collective Island6, will be on display at Tally Beck Contemporary in New York from January 8 to March 20, 2011.
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    Tally Beck Contemporary Holds First North American Solo Exhibition of Island6#

    Island6, an artist collective based in Shanghai consisting of performance artists, dancers, and multimedia artists, will present their first solo exhibition in North America, "Plugged In," from January 8 - March 20 at Tally Beck Contemporary in New York. Predominantly featuring works that incorporate LED lights, "Plugged In" will include a number of multimedia works that reflect the diversity of mediums in which Island6 members currently work.

    Tally Beck Contemporary is a Bangkok-based art organization and consultancy with a space in New York. Opened by Tally Beck, a specialist in Asian contemporary art, Tally Beck Contemporary aims to work with artists worldwide while maintaining a focus on the emerging art scene in Southeast Asia.

    "Plugged In" at Tally Beck Contemporary#

    42 Rivington Street, New York, NY

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