Don't Miss: COLORS Transport Exhibition (Shanghai)

    Created to commemorate the newest issue of COLORS magazine, the "Transport" exhibition launched this week with an opening ceremony attended by Jing Daily.
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    On Show Through September 18 At Hong Miao Art Gallery#

    Opening Night

    Running from September 6-18 at the Hong Miao Art Gallery, the "Transport: Homemade Vehicles From Around the World" exhibition marks the Shanghai debut of COLORS magazine. Organized to commemorate the magazine's newest issue, which is devoted to inventive machines that burgeoning inventors have designed to get from A to B, the show launched this week with an opening ceremony attended by Jing Daily.

    At the ceremony, remarks were made by guests like Vincenzo De Luca, General Consule of the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, who thanked Fabrica, the Benetton Group communication research center, and COLORS for bringing the exhibition to the city. Also in attendance were Patrick Waterhouse, Creative Director of COLORS, and Enrico Bossan, Editorial Director of COLORS, as well as three Chinese inventors: Wu Yulu, who has built of dozens of robots since 1986; Chen Shungui, who built his own electric car; and Wang Qiang, whose homemade airplane made the centerpiece of the exhibition.

    Throughout the Hong Miao gallery space, photos were hung of other inventions from around the world, and interactive sections gave guests the chance to "invent" their own transportation and engage in the theme of the show. The opening party on September 6 brought in over 600 guests, with music by the Shanghai DJ, Creezy and catering by Origin.

    COLORS/Fabrica "Transport" Exhibition (September 6-18, 2011)

    Hong Miao Art Gallery (上海虹庙艺术空间)
    50 Shitan Lane, 496 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai

    Wu Yulu and his robot rickshaw

    Wang Qiang unveils his homemade airplane

    Wang Qiang's homemade airplane

    The exhibition includes photographs from the new issue of COLORS

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