Digital Spotlight | Sephora’s ‘Beauty Awards’ Bring Consumer Democracy To Life

    The global beauty retailer has rolled out a new mini-site that doubles as a marketing tool and valuable source of data.
    Jing Daily
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      Published   in Beauty

    Sephora's Beauty Awards mini-site. (Sephora)

    As global beauty retailer Sephora is planning its inventory for the coming year, it has rolled out a new mini-site called “Sephora Beauty Awards” in order to receive feedback on products straight from Chinese consumers.

    The colorful site features a ballot in nine different categories, such as moisturizer, women’s fragrance, and foundation. In order to vote, users must provide their contact information and can receive marketing materials from Sephora. Also included are daily product recommendations with a link to purchase them in the retailer's online shop.

    In addition to creating an interactive feature that serves as a marketing tool by allowing users to feel that their voices are being heard in a celebratory context, the site also works as a mini-survey for Sephora as it decides which products to stock for 2014.

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