A New Road Ahead: Diesel Unveils First Stage Of Long-Term Web3 Strategy With NFT Collective Hape

    After cracking the traditional fashion runway this year, Diesel is turning its attention to the virtual world through a unique digital collectibles drop.
    After cracking the traditional fashion runway this year, hype label Diesel is turning its attention to the virtual world through a unique, collaborative digital collectibles drop. Photo: Diesel
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    Gen-Z favorite Diesel has teamed up with prolific NFT collective Hape to bring a new digital collectibles series to the metaverse. Officially set to be released in January 2023, the collaboration will see both labels come together to launch the NFTs, alongside the Diesel Genesis Hape — a dedicated brand ambassador who will reside in both the Hape community and the wider Web3 arena. The mascot will also provide Hape’s brand partners with a persona to “introduce, express, and craft their brand narrative within the Hape family.”

    The digital collectibles will deliver unique online and offline value to both fashion and Web3 enthusiasts. This includes a limited-edition design of Diesel’s iconic 1DR POD crossbody bag, as well as access to exclusive events and community benefits further down the line.

    The Diesel x Hape collaboration features a limited-edition 1DR POD crossbody bag. Photo: Diesel
    The Diesel x Hape collaboration features a limited-edition 1DR POD crossbody bag. Photo: Diesel

    “Diesel is a perfect strategic partner and fit for Hape, as we both have streetwear in our DNA and believe in the power of technology to shape the future of fashion,” Hape founder Digitmental told Jing Daily. “Diesel is a heritage brand, but it is also very progressive and forward-thinking that’s willing to evolve as necessary. As partners, we share this same ethos.”

    2022 proved that streetwear’s metaverse strategy remains supreme; from RTFKT x Nike to Azuki x Ambush, this year has seen the industry dominate the digital terrain like never before. It also saw Diesel swoop back into the spotlight as one of luxury’s most tapped and culturally-savvy labels after a slump in global significance.

    As creative director of the house, Glenn Martins injected life back into the label through buzzworthy silhouettes (its ultra-mini belt skirt went viral on TikTok earlier this year) and taking a fresh, contemporary direction in design. Following its success on the traditional fashion runway, the brand is now turning its focus to harnessing the digital zeitgeist.

    “For Diesel, this partnership marks another important step in the journey into Web3. Being present in this space represents not only a technological revolution but also a cultural and social one,” Stefano Rosso, CEO of OTB group’s Brave Virtual Xperience outlines. The parent company of Diesel, OTB launched its metaverse-focused initiative in 2021 to oversee all development of products, projects, and experiences designed for the virtual realm.

    The partnership marks yet another milestone in fashion’s metaverse takeover. Looking ahead, streetwear is set to continue its reign in the virtual space thanks to its ability to take risks and open up new horizons of possibility in Web3.

    “Streetwear is famous for pushing the boundaries and redefining luxury fashion as we know it. It’s no surprise that it is leading innovation in Web3,” Digitmental explains. “All of these innovations are creating new opportunities to increase brand loyalty and engagement through virtual and real world experiences.”

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