Details Emerge About The Hurun Report's New Magazine For Chinese Billionaires, "Wings & Water"

    Wings & Water will be the Hurun Report's fourth high-end magazine, after the Hurun Report (胡润百富), Hurun Polo (胡润马道), and the Good School Guide (名校指南)
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    Wing & Water Will Be launched In April#

    The press release of Wing & Water (Source: Hurun Report)

    Announced last week at the Shanghai International Business Aviation Show, the Hurun Report's new magazine Wings & Water (qíng, 擎), a high-end customized magazine targeting China’s billionaires and industrial leaders, is set to launch next month. With a focus on the sky (private jets) and water (yachts), engines and speed, Wings & Water will be published biannually, in April and November. This will be the Hurun Report's fourth high-end magazine, after the Hurun Report (胡润百富), Hurun Polo (胡润马道), and the Good School Guide (名校指南), further reaffirming the publishing house's "leading position among Chinese media in the high-end sector," according to founder Rupert Hoogewerf.

    As Jing Daily previously reported, the Hurun Report recently released its sixth annual "Best of the Best" list of the most popular brands, lifestyle trends, and consumption habits among wealthy Chinese. The Hurun Report also releases a monthly "China Rich List," ranking the wealthiest Chinese in range of industries, and also puts out more specialized reports like the China Art List, China Philanthropy List, and Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking.

    Wings & Water, or 擎 ("to lift up") in Chinese, is designed for those who are taking leading roles in different sectors in China. Publisher Hoogewerf is positioning the magazine as "an engine to lift China's elite upwards," towards higher living and social standards.

    While the magazine will broadly focus on high-end luxury, it will look more specifically at two industries that are currently pushing aggressively in the China market -- private jets and yachts. Wings & Water will, according to Hoogewerf, be the first Chinese publication to focus on the business aviation and yachting sectors, feeding the rising demands of the country's super-rich. The magazine will also be heavy on face-to-face interviews with Chinese billionaires, exploring and analyzing their experiences with private aviation and yachting. In addition, it will educate readers about luxury lifestyles through profiles of industry players in the worlds of manufacturing, design and finance.

    We'll have to see if the demand is actually there for yet another high-end magazine in China, but Rupert Hoogewerf seems confident that a growing interest in "wings and water" in China will translate to sales figures. Look for Wings & Water on newsstands in Shanghai in April.

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