Designer Gao Tian Of JNBY: Creating Luxury Apparel For The Smallest Clientele

    While the target market of the Chinese fashion chain JNBY remains white-collar women, it has more recently expanded to a much smaller (literally) consumer base: children.
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    Gao Is Chief Designer Of JNBY Kids' Clothing Line#

    jnby by JNBY

    While the main clientele of the Chinese fashion chain JNBY, which was founded in Hangzhou in 1994 and now has boutiques in China, Canada and the U.S., remains white-collar women, it has more recently expanded to a much smaller (literally) consumer base: children. Unveiled this past spring, and currently available exclusively at JNBY's New York flagship, the "jnby by JNBY" kids collection shrinks down the label's trademark "free and natural" aesthetic for a much younger demographic.

    Recently, Gao Tian, chief designer of jnby by JNBY, spoke to the Chinese-language online magazine BundPic about his design concept, consumer base, and views on business and fashion (translation by Jing Daily team):

    Bundpic (B): Could you describe the design concept of JNBY's kids clothing line? What are you trying to convey?

    Gao Tian (GT):

    This series has just been available for a couple of months, so it's still in the brand-building phase. Through this series, I want to convey a relationship of mutual understanding between kids and their parents. We want to create a series that reflects a true and natural image of childhood.

    B: What's the consumer base for JNBY's kids clothing line?


    Probably the same consumer base that the adult JNBY line has. We tend not to classify people. Really we just hope the new collection can inspire adults, but it's for everyone.

    Gao Tian (Image: BundPic)

    B: Who are some of your favorite designers? What kinds of style do you like the best?


    I still prefer men's clothes. At the end of each fashion season, I always collect and categorize my favorite looks and whittle them down to my favorites. This past season, I liked the men's collections from Ann Demeulemeester and Hermes. In general, I like clothing that is simple and looks "expensive", and I mean this in terms of the texture and detail of the pieces.

    B: What does fashion mean to you?


    On one hand, it is a business. On the other hand, it is a field connected with the arts.

    B: Where does your inspiration normally come from?


    Inspiration comes from my likes and dislikes. I like to learn different things, and try not to use a universal standard to evaluate them. I like to take photos and paint to record certain feelings and emotions.

    B: How do you weigh business imperatives with individual expression?


    I think individual expression is a part of business, but the business world requires more than simple individual expression. Business is a very strategic, systematic and psychological "social activity" involving personal needs as well as group unity.

    The jnby by JNBY kids collection is available now at JNBY's New York flagship at 75 Greene Street, and will expand to other boutiques this fall.

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