Dazed&Confused Publishes Special Chinese New Year Issue

    The new issue of the popular British magazine Dazed&Confused commemorates Chinese New Year by highlighting up-and-coming Chinese artists and musicians.
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    Contemporary Chinese Artists, Musicians Spotlighted In Special Issue, Organized By Dazed&Confused And Tiger Beer#

    The Chinese urban art and culture website NeoChaEDGE reports today on the new issue of the popular British magazine Dazed&Confused, which commemorates Chinese New Year by highlighting up-and-coming Chinese artists and musicians. As the article points out, much like last summer's special China issue of Wallpaper*, Dazed&Confused uses a photo by the popular Chinese photographer Li Wei. From the article:

    To celebrate Chinese New Year, the iconic British urban magazine Dazed&Confused (together with Tiger beer) has published a special China issue. Like the special China issue Wallpaper did last year, D&C also chose work by Li Wei, a highly celebrated performance artist, for its cover. This year’s D&C issue covered Chinese music, art, photography, and film, and enlisted pioneering local artists such as Kai Z Feng, Madi Ju, Gordon Cheung, Suki Chan and Gayle Chong Kwan to contribute content.

    We’re hearing rumors of some kind of launch party in China toward the end of February (not confirmed) – we look forward to that!

    According to the Dazed&Confused site, the launch party will actually take place tomorrow (Thursday, February 11) in London. Here are the details, for any London-based Chinese art and music fans who happen to be there:

    Events Programme for Thursday February 11, 2010

    New World (1 Gerrard Place) 9pm-12pm, Live Music and Party: White (Live), Howie B(DJ Set)

    New Loon Fung (42-44 Gerrard Street) 7pm-11.30pm, Art Exhibition: Gordon Cheung, Suki Chan, Gayle Chong Kwan

    Chuen Cheung Ku (17 Wardour Street) 7pm-11.30pm, Photography Exhibition: Kai Z Feng, Madi Ju, Li Wei

    Prince Charles Cinema (7 Leicester Square) 6pm Screening of She, A Chinese (dir. Xiaolu Guo) and a midnight screening of a A Chinese Ghost Story
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