CLOT x Rhude Collaboration Drops at a Perfect Time

    As polarization intensifies between the East and the West, CLOT’s new collaboration with the Los Angeles label Rhude drops at a perfect time.
    CLOT is a known among Chinese millennials thanks to actor, rapper, and now designer Edison Chen, who teamed up with co-founder Kevin Poon since 2003. Photo:
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    Hong Kong-based streetwear brand CLOT’s new collaboration with the Los Angeles label Rhude, known for combining luxury techniques with streetwear elements, drops on May 29 at CLOT’s multi-label fashion and lifestyle brand shops, JUICESTORE, in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and LA.

    The new collaboration, including T-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants, belongs to a capsule dubbed “Double Happiness” and was partially inspired by one of the oldest Chinese cigarette brands, “Double Happiness” (双喜), according to JUICE’s official announcement. In traditional Chinese culture, the term also refers to a Chinese traditional ornament design often used as a decorative symbol to celebrate a marriage.

    CLOT’s new collaboration, however, doesn’t just aim to marry the two labels, but also the East and the West in an age of disglobalisation, a process of reversing globalization. The theme of East meets West has become more important than ever, CLOT’s co-founder Kevin Poon said in a FaceTime call with Rhude’s founder and creative director Rhuigi Villaseñor. “All I see on the news is people fighting. But we are all earthlings, and we are interdependent on each other,” Poon said.

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    CLOT is a known name among Chinese millennials thanks to actor, rapper and now designer, Edison Chen, who teamed up with Poon since 2003. The 39-year-old Canadian-Hongkonger is also the force behind the streetwear convention Innersect, where troops of streetwear fans swarmed to catch a glimpse of his face in Shanghai last year.

    The project has been done for about a year, according to the conversation between Poon and Villaseñor. But releasing the collection now seems like perfect timing, as the majority of the world is still somewhat restricted with outdoor activities. “There are a lot of eyes on phones right now,” Rhude’s founder said. In addition to the traffic boost, they’re hoping that the collection, which embraces traditional Chinese culture, will sell well in the mainland. And, as polarization intensifies between the East and the West, with both online traffic increasing and Chinese consumers’ patriotism stronger than ever, there’s never been a better time to launch than right now.

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