Christopher Paspaley of Paspaley Pearls Exclusive Pearl Event

    1O1O Quintessentially launches a series of private events in the luxury arena with an event featuring Christopher Paspaley of Paspaley Pearls.
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    Luxury Concierge Service Quintessentially Begins Invitation-Only Event Series#

    1O1O is the prestigious brand of Hong Kong mobile operator CSL Limited. Quintessentially is an international luxury lifestyle group and concierge service with offices in Hong Kong. Together, they’ve launched

    1O1O Quintessentially#

    , the first mobile luxury concierge service in Hong Kong. This month, 1O1O Quintessentially introduced the first in a series of exclusive events for clients. The debut event featured Christopher Paspaley, the grandson of the founder of Paspaley Pearls.

    The event took place on Tuesday, December 14, at the Paspaley Pearls in Kowloon. Christopher Paspaley gave an introductory educational presentation about pearl connoisseurship and spoke about the heritage of Paspaley pearls, celebrated for their lustre, orient and size. 1O1O Quintessentially plans to continue this series of private events in the luxury arena, and will announce its 2011 schedule early next year.

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