Christopher Bu's Designs Spotted On 'Tiny Times' Star Yang Mi

    Designer Christopher Bu rocketed to fame when actress Fan Bingbing wore his couture creation at Cannes, but his new ready-to-wear line is also proving to be a hit with Chinese celebrities.
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    Chinese designer Christopher Bu (卜柯文) was propelled to fame when actress Fan Bingbing (冰冰) made waves wearing his elaborate traditional Chinese-style gown on the Cannes red carpet, but his new ready-to-wear fashion line, Chris by Christopher Bu, continues to make him a household name among Chinese celebrities. While busily promoting Tiny Times 2 over the past few days, actress and star of Chinese summer blockbuster Tiny Times Yang Mi (杨幂) has been seen wearing several of his designs. In an interview with Jing Daily this May, Bu described his ready-to-wear aesthetic as "designed for young people," while his couture line is "deeply influenced by ancient Chinese culture."

    (L) Christopher Bu's design, (R) Yang Mi at the Guangzhou news conference for Tiny Times 2.

    Actress Yang Mi at another Tiny Times 2 press conference wearing Christopher Bu's ready-to-wear clothing.

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