Chinese Luxury Brand NE-TIGER Channels Zodiac At 2011 Haute Couture Fashion Show

    The Chinese luxury fashion brand NE-TIGER kicked off China International Fashion Week for the ninth time this week, presenting its 2011 Haute Couture Collection of Hua Fu, or Chinese national dress.
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    "Hua Fu" Collection Kicks Off China International Fashion Week In Beijing#

    On October 25 in Beijing, domestic Chinese luxury fashion brand NE-TIGER presented its 2011 Haute Couture Collection of Hua Fu, or Chinese national dress, kicking off China International Fashion Week for the ninth time. Much like its last Haute Couture show in February, NE-TIGER channeled ancient Chinese design, updating it according to the philosophy of the brand's founder, Zhang Zhifeng (previously on Jing Daily).

    With international fashion representatives in attendance, NE-TIGER's design team showed a commitment to China's culture, fusing design cues from the Chinese zodiac with contemporary fashion, delving into the implications of the heaven-earth matching of animals with the calendar year. The show echoed these themes with special lighting effects and a unique stage design that called back to ancient Chinese mythology, displaying the beginning of history, the generation of the five elements, the sexagenary cycle of sixty years to represent ancestral blessings, and the emergence of the lunisolar calendar.

    With an extravagant show of haute couture, the collection translated Chinese zodiac culture into a modern concept. Incorporating the thousand-year-old embroidery techniques of China's Qiang ethnic group, NE-TIGER has created a collection that fully expresses the concept of "luxury with Chinese characteristics."

    Through its creative theatricality and innovative fusion of modern and ancient, NE-TIGER’s Haute Couture collection re-affirmed its place as one of the top luxury fashion brands coming out of China today.

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