Chinese Designers: Fashion’s Future Powerhouses?

    In time for China Fashion Week, London-based designer Ping He shares her views on the future of Chinese fashion design.
    Jing DailyAuthor
      Published   in Fashion

    As China Fashion Week kicks into high gear in Beijing, Bloomberg interviews London-based Chinese fashion designer Ping He, who just unveiled her latest collection at London Fashion Week. In the video embedded above, she discusses her views on the reasons for the success of Western luxury brands in China and the future of Chinese fashion.

    When asked which brand she thinks is doing best to win over Chinese customers, her answer is Coach, which she says is doing the best job on capitalizing on China's love for accessories. However, she also has big plans for her own young label. “We are in a new generation of international designer labels,” she says, hoping that her brand can someday be a “new powerhouse” in the fashion world. “But that’s still down the line."

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