Chinese Designer Behind Ms Min Makes Met Gala Debut

    Joining Beyonce, Kimye, and Anna Wintour at this year's exclusive New York event was Xiamen-based designer Min Liu, a rising star on the global fashion scene.
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    Designer Min Liu and Lane Crawford Fashion Director Sarah Rutson at the Met Gala on May 5, 2014. (Lane Crawford)

    Joining the likes of Beyonce, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Anna Wintour, and many top global fashion designers on the red carpet at this year’s star-studded Met Gala was Chinese designer Min Liu of popular fashion label Ms Min. Her presence at the high-profile event highlighted the growing role of Chinese designers not only in China, but at the world's top fashion events.

    The Xiamen-based designer traveled to the May 5 event on the invitation of Lane Crawford, which also invited singer Solange Knowles and fashion designer Phillip Lim to this year’s fashionable society event. As one of three Chinese designers available for sale at Lane Crawford, Min has been a rising fashion star since starting her collection out of her home in Xiamen on e-commerce site Taobao. Her designs are not only popular in China, but have gained global recognition after being presented at London Fashion Week.

    Held every year to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Met Gala is one of New York’s most exclusive social events. This year, organizer and Vogue Editor Anna Wintour upped the event’s exclusivity by raising the cost of a ticket to $25,000 and enforcing a stricter dress code.

    Lane Crawford is known for highlighting Chinese talent at the annual ball. Last year, the retailer hosted actress Zhang Ziyi, Vogue China Editor Angelica Cheung, actress Carina Lau, and models Liu Wen and Ming Xi.

    Look below for photos from the red carpet:

    Designer Phillip Lim (L) and singer Solange Knowles (R) join Lane Crawford at the Met Gala in New York on May 5, 2014. (Lane Crawford)

    Lane Crawford Fashion Director Sarah Rutson on the red carpet at the Met Gala on May 5, 2014. (Lane Crawford)

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