Chinese, British Focus On High End In "Brand Desire" Survey

    In Clear Inc.'s "Brand Desire" survey of 17,000 consumers in five countries, Chinese respondents were the only ones who did not include at least one home-grown brand among their top five brands.
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    Survey Composed Of 17,000 consumers In UK, US, Germany, Singapore And China#

    This week, a wide-ranging survey of 17,000 British, American, German, Singaporean and Chinese consumers shed some light on the most desired brands in each country. Tellingly, respondents in the UK, China and Singapore stuck mostly to luxury brands, while those in the US and Germany sprung for more socially-conscious brands. Conducted late last year by the branding & marketing agency Clear and released today, the results of this "Brand Desire" survey found that, despite the differences seen across all five countries, major brands like Apple, Google and BMW were popular across the board.

    Interestingly enough, China was the only country whose respondents did not include at least one home-grown brand among their top five. This indicates that domestic high-end and IT brands still have quite a way to go until they're viewed as "desirable" in China.

    The top five brands among "Brand Desire" survey respondents, with domestic brands in bold. (h/t Independent UK):


    01. BMW (auto)
    02. Cartier (jewelers)
    03. Rolex (watchmaker)
    04. Apple (tech)
    05. Microsoft (tech)

    United Kingdom#

    01. iPhone (smartphone)

    Rolls Royce#

    03. iPod (mp3 player)


    05. Ray-Ban (sunglasses)

    United States#


    Trader Joe's#


    Seventh Generation#

    (environmentally friendly cleaning products)
    03. PlayStation (gaming console)


    05. BMW (auto)


    01. WWF (environmental group)
    02. Harley Davidson (motorcycle)
    03. Amazon (online retailer)
    04. Google (tech)





    Singapore Airlines#


    Shangri - La*#

    (hotel chain)
    03. Google (tech)
    04. Apple (tech)
    05. Mercedes (auto)

    *Note: Shangri-La Hotels was established in Singapore, but is now headquartered in Hong Kong and incorporated in Bermuda.

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