China's High Tariffs Squeeze Canada's Luxury Brands

    Markups of up to 80 percent on everything from automobiles to handbags exported to China create challenges for luxury brands across North America.
    Jing Daily
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      Published   in Fashion

    It’s not just European luxury brands feeling the pinch of high tariffs in China: a new segment by Canadian news channel CBC explores the effects they’re having on North American brands.

    In the segment above, the channel interviews a member of a Jeep club in Beijing, where drivers who paid just under $100,000 for their vehicles gather to have off-road adventures. It also takes a look at Canadian luxury brand m0851, which sells bags at its boutique in Beijing at prices 80 percent higher than it does in Canada.

    "We feel it's not fair," says one consumer regarding the huge price differentiation between Western and Chinese markets, in somewhat of an understatement.

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