China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

    A roundup of recent and ongoing digital campaigns on China’s social media, featuring Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, YSL, Lancôme, and Sephora.
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    A roundup of recent and ongoing digital campaigns on China’s social media, featuring Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, YSL, Lancôme, and Sephora.


    After launching its WeChat account one day before the FIFA World Cup final, the German national football team sponsor certainly did not waste any of the limited time to engage its fans. Mercedes-Benz asked WeChat fans to send wishes of good luck to the team and share them on Moments (WeChat’s “Wall” function) for a chance to win gifts. The brand also created its own version of a “Fantasy Football” mobile game accessible through WeChat called “Football Manager,” allowing participants to select a national team, choose a tactical formation, and deploy players (each corresponds to a Mercedes car model based on his character) in optimum positions to make up the starting lineup. The participants were asked to submit their design to enter a drawing.


    German engineering and electronics company Siemens has been gathering ideas from its Chinese Weibo fans on what signs to light up on their Beijing building in honor of the German national football team. The company lit up the word “GO” for Germany-France and Germany-Brazil matches, and asked its Weibo fans to guess what would be lit up on the building in honor of the final Germany-Argentina match. Those who had the correct answer were awarded limited-edition German beer mugs.

    Yves Saint Laurent#

    French fashion house YSL has launched a “Kissing Habits Survey” on WeChat featuring its lipsticks collection. Participants are asked to select their gender and star sign before taking the eight-question survey, which features questions on topics such as what makes a good kiss, how long would they wait for a first kiss with someone, and where on their partner’s body do they like to plant a kiss. After completion, participants will receive their “personality test” results and lipstick recommendations, and are able to share them on social media.


    French skincare and cosmetics house Lancôme has released a mini-movie on Youku and launched a campaign titled “Passing on Green Energy” that features its Énergie de Vie skincare line. The brand is asking its Weibo fans to talk about which scene in the movie touches them the most or express gratitude to a friend they are most thankful for in order to receive an opportunity to win the skincare products.


    To celebrate Bastille Day on July 14, Sephora has launched a “French Festival” campaign on its official website, featuring a quiz on French brands. Participants are able to click on a map of France and answer questions; those who get the answers completely and partially correct are eligible to enter for a draw.

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