China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

    A roundup of ongoing campaigns in China through January 31, featuring Jaguar, Gucci, Rado, Tommy Hilfiger, and DKNY.
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    A roundup of ongoing campaigns in China through January 31, featuring Jaguar, Gucci, Rado, Tommy Hilfiger, and DKNY.


    British multinational auto manufacturer Jaguar has launched a campaign titled “To That Special Someone” on WeChat for Valentine’s Day. Participants are asked to select the image carrying the message they want to convey to their special someone, and share it on WeChat, Weibo, or Tudou to enter the draw. Two participants will win a pair of admission tickets to Jaguar’s Valentine’s Day’s event.


    Italian fashion house Gucci has launched a campaign on WeChat titled “Daddy Goes to Milan: Exclusive Messages”, featuring an opportunity for its fans to interact with supermodel Zhang Liang, who was recently featured in the Chinese reality TV show “Where Are We Going, Dad?” Now through January 15, participants who post their questions for the model with the hashtag #My Question for Zhang Liang# will have the chance to have them answered by Zhang using WeChat’s voice message function, and receive an autographed table calendar from Gucci.


    To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Rado has launched a campaign called “Open the Door of Time, Wish for a Good 2014” on Weibo, inviting its fans to share their resolutions for the year of the horse or send their wishes to their loved ones. Now through January 31, those who write a post will have the opportunity to win an autograph from Taiwanese singer and actress René Liu.

    Tommy Hilfiger#

    American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has launched a Chinese New Year campaign on Weibo that traces the tradition of the color red, which symbolizes good luck and fortune. In the campaign “Theme Color of the Chinese New Year”, participants are asked to send New Year’s wishes to their friends on the social media to win a red-colored gift from Tommy Hilfiger.


    American fashion house DKNY reproduced a New York City scene with a yellow cab, traffic signs, and streetlights at Shanghai’s Jing An Kerry Centre for its fans to get a taste of the Big Apple. Now through January 25, participants in the campaign, “My Interpretation of New York Style” are encouraged to take a picture with the installation, print it at the store, and share it on Weibo for a chance to win a gift from the brand.

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