China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

    A roundup of recent and ongoing campaigns in China through December 15, featuring TAG Heuer, Infiniti, Tissot, Audi, and Olay.
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    A roundup of recent and ongoing campaigns in China through December 15, featuring TAG Heuer, Infiniti, Tissot, Audi, and Olay.#


    American skincare company Olay launched a campaign titled “Travel with Olay, Shine in Paris” (Chinese: 笑耀巴黎 Olay同行) to celebrate the Spring/Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week. The company invites its fans to monitor Fashion Week on Olay’s Weibo page (@Olay) with Miss Olay, actress Gao Yuanyuan, and refer or comment on posts related to the event. Miss Olay will select 33 fans and award gifts.


    In celebration of China’s Golden Week, leading German auto manufacturer Audi has launched campaign titled “Audi’s Destinations” (Chinese: 奥迪目的地) on Weibo. Now through October 10, Audi’s followers on Weibo are asked to write a post on the reason they choose their holiday travel destinations and the Audi model they are driving, along with photos from their trips with the hashtag “#Audi’s Destinations#” and the handle “@一汽-大众奥迪” for a chance to win a limited-edition Audi tent.

    TAG Heuer#

    Luxury Swiss watch company TAG Heuer has launched a campaign titled “My TAG Heuer My Time” on WeChat and Weibo, engaging users on both platforms. Now through December 15, participants can upload a picture of their TAG Heuer watch and share “their stories of TAG Heuer”; all posts will be published on the brand’s Weikan account (Chinese: 微刊; Weikan is a micro-magazine on Weibo) and voted on by Weibo users. Top participants will win a Calibre 6 automatic watch and other prizes.


    Coincidentally, luxury Swiss watchmaker Tissot has also launched a contest on Weibo, titled “Listen to the Stories of Tissot” (Chinese: 听天梭说故事). In this campaign, which runs through October 31, the brand invites its fans to share their “stories of time”. The winner of the best story will win a Tissot watch, and the story may be incorporated into a radio drama.


    Following the just-ended Mid-Autumn Festival campaign, Infiniti—luxury vehicle division of Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan—has launched a new campaign on Weibo to celebrate Golden Week and to promote its JX35 seven-passenger luxury SUV. Now through October 8, those who follow Infiniti (@英菲尼迪中国) and Weibo pages of its three affiliate partners Jack Wolfskin(@JACKWOLFSKIN官方微博), Dell (@戴尔中国), and Canon (@Canon佳能), and share “what they plan to pack for their family” with hashtag “#Take My Family on a Road Trip#” (Chinese: 带着家人去旅行) will have a chance to win gifts from the four brands.

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