China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

    A roundup of new and ongoing campaigns in China through September 26, featuring La Roche-Posay, Infiniti, Audi, Marie Claire, and Fossil.
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    A roundup of new and ongoing campaigns in China through September 26, featuring La Roche-Posay, Infiniti, Audi, Marie Claire, and Fossil.

    La Roche-Posay#

    As Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, French skincare company La Roche-Posay has launched a campaign on Weibo titled “a worry-free family gathering” (#多一分安心的团圆#). Now through September 21, those who wish to win the “worry-free cream” (安心霜), Toleriane Ultra, are asked to refer the campaign post to friends and share their sensitive skin issues and conditions.


    Infiniti, luxury division of Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan, has also launched a Mid-Autumn-Festival campaign titled “This Mid-Autumn-Festival I’m willing to…” (#中秋我愿意#). The company invites fans to watch a short video on its official website, which features renowned Chinese actor Wu Xiubo and people from all walks of life sharing their wish to spend more time with families but unable to because of the nature of their jobs. Fans can also share what they are willing to spend more time doing on the website after watching the video. In the meantime, on Weibo, Infiniti also asks its fans to refer the campaign post to friends while sharing their answers to “how many family gathering nights have you had this year?” for a chance to win a limited-edition Infiniti passport holder.


    German luxury auto manufacturer Audi has also launched a Mid-Autumn Festival campaign titled “Classical poetry, Audi twist”, which integrates the most poetic season in the Chinese culture, fall, with the Mid-Autumn Festival’s traditions. Now through September 20, participants are asked to follow Audi on Weibo (@一汽-大众奥迪), refer the post to friends, and either complete the designated classical poem or adapt a classical poem of their choice. Both must use the characters for “Audi” (奥迪) in them. Audi will select the best poems and award Audi flash drives to the composers as well as the family members and friends they refer the post to.

    Marie Claire#

    Women’s magazine Marie Claire has launched a campaign on WeChat, echoing the just–ended New York Fashion Week. “Pop quiz on the New York Fashion Week” (纽约时装周周末考) asks participants to reply “New York” (纽约) to Marie Claire’s official account and start answering questions. Those who get the total of four questions right will receive a congratulations message from Marie Claire, and they can reply with a screenshot of the message for a chance to win a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt.


    During the back-to-school season, American designer and manufacturer of clothing and accessories Fossil has launched a campaign entitled “Campus memories in September” (九月校园回忆) on WeChat, inviting its fans to share their campus memories. Those who reply “campus classics” (校园经典) along with anything they want to say to Fossil’s official account will have the opportunity to win a Key-Per Coin Purse.

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