Fake Dior Fashion Week Tickets? China Seller Hawks Front Row in Paris for $146K

    VIP passes that promise access to hip luxury brands’ fashion week shows and events are being offered at prices ranging from $732 to $146,325 in China.
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    Front-row seats to Dior’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2019 runway show in Paris are being scalped for 146,325 (RMB 1 million) online in China.

    Over the past few days, a ticket sales announcement about the upcoming Dior fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, which begins Tuesday, September 25, has been widely circulated on Chinese social media. The announcement claims the posters are able to invite celebrities to the show on behalf of Dior. The price of the ticket (which includes a trip to Paris) is 146,325. But the post claims the price will be waived by the brand and its related public relations firm, which the post did not identify, if celebrities agree to shoot commercial photos and videos for several Chinese brands, not Dior, during the trip.

    The post is also unclear if buyers need to pay upfront for the ticket. But a noted celebrity stylist who requested anonymity posted on a WeChat account that the ticket sale is a scam and warned clients about it.

    “Many of my celebrity friends have received this message already,” said this stylist, “I am remind [them] don’t fall for this scam!!”

    When reached by Jing Daily, Dior China denied all of the claims made in the ticket-sale post and stated that the brand has never sold tickets for its runway shows or collaborated with any third party for this purpose. Dior’s runway show is invite-only, the spokesperson added. The spokesperson could not confirm whether the tickets are counterfeit, since other entities could theoretically offer such tickets, like the public relations companies hired by brands or the fashion show organizers.

    Fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London and Milan, where brands showcase their latest collections, have increasingly become must-go events for Chinese fashionistas in recent years. In the lead-up to the fashion month, a variety of ticket offers and/or scams have popped up in the Chinese fashion circle.

    Tickets to the 2019 fashion shows being held by a slew of Italian luxury brands including Fendi, Prada, Versace, Armani, and Valentino are also on sale on Chinese social media at prices ranging from 7,312 (RMB 50,000) to 17,548 (RMB 120,000).

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