China Newcomers Tesla And Uber Team Up In Shanghai

    The electric vehicle company and ride-booking app are launching a joint promotion providing easy access to a luxe test drive.
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    Uber users in Shanghai can ride in electric-vehicle style on June 18. (Tesla)

    As newcomers to the China market, luxury electric automaker Tesla and ride-booking app Uber are teaming up for a special Shanghai promotion set to grant them both some extra attention in Shanghai.

    On June 18, Uber users in Shanghai have the opportunity to take a free 15-minute test drive or test ride in a Tesla. The Tesla vehicle will pop up on the Uber app along with its usual options, and anyone with a valid driver’s license has the option to get behind the wheel for the experience. Uber’s blog also notes that there will be several “super-secret” Teslas available for users to test out if they’re lucky.

    The easy availability of the test drive will allow Tesla to gain extra attention from interested Chinese consumers who otherwise might not take the time to step foot in a showroom to try out the cars. The promotion may also earn some new signups for Uber by Tesla fans. A Tesla spokesperson told CNET that the program is “only a pilot test at the moment,” but could take place in other cities as Uber expands in other cities in China such as Beijing.

    As a company that thrives off disrupting the auto market with innovative business practices, Tesla has generated a massive amount of buzz over the possibility of success with its China expansion. In January this year, the company announced that it would be offering a “fair” price strategy by selling its cars in China at the same price as in the United States before taxes. This policy contrasts with the pricing of many other foreign luxury auto brands in China, which often raise the price of models beyond the cost of taxes and fees.

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