China Marketing Picks: Loewe’s 520 Brand Film, Seesaw’s Self-Collab, Calvin Klein’s Virtual Idols

    A selection of recent China marketing efforts by LVMH-owned Spanish brand Loewe, specialty coffee pioneer Seesaw Coffee, and Calvin Klein.
    Calvin Klein x CELIX virtual idol brand film. Image: Calvin Klein Weibo
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    Loewe Celebrates the Many Shades of Love for 520#

    With the popular 520 holiday – one of China’s multiple official and unofficial Valentine’s Days – just around the corner, LVMH-owned Spanish brand Loewe recently released a brand film celebrating love in its many shades, coinciding with a limited-edition 520 gift box that includes a Puzzle bag and two branded pens.

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    Seesaw Coffee’s Self-Collab#

    As brand collaborations – ranging from boringly sensible to bizarre – continue to proliferate in the China market, the Shanghai-based specialty coffee chain Seesaw Coffee recently took the unusual step of collaborating with an earlier incarnation of itself. Launched in celebration of the company’s ten-year anniversary, the limited-edition “Seesaw x Seesaw” collection revives some products from Seesaw’s early days while introducing a new coffee blend, shoulder bags, and coffee cups.

    Calvin Klein Sidesteps Lockdowns and Celeb Crackdown With Virtual Idol Collabs#

    Over the past several years, virtual idols have progressed from a gimmick to an effective way for brands to get in front of China’s younger consumers. This has become increasingly true over the past year, as the Chinese government has cracked down on celebrities and influencers, making traditional marketing efforts a riskier proposition.

    Amid China’s ongoing fight against COVID-19 and extended lockdowns, virtual idols have taken on even greater importance, with brands still able to keep marketing campaigns largely on track by “outfitting” virtual celebrities and casting them in upcoming efforts. One recent example of a brand taking this marketing route is Calvin Klein, which linked up with virtual idol CELIX 赛 and 星瞳 on two short brand films ​​to promote Calvin Klein’s latest underwear line in the China market.

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