China Fashion Week Roundup (March 24-31, Beijing)

    China Fashion Week kicked off last week in Beijing and will run through the end of this week, alongside CHIC, the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair.
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    China Fashion Week Kicks Off Alongside CHIC Clothing And Accessories Fair 2011#

    Emphasis on Menswear on China Fashion Week (Image Courtesy of Cabbeen Chic)

    Currently taking place in Beijing, the Fall/Winter 2011 China Fashion Week kicked off last week and will run through March 31 alongside CHIC, the 19th annual China International Clothing & Accessories Fair. The theme of CHIC 2011 is "discovery," and organizers hope this theme will bring about a wider perspective on the world of Chinese fashion, helping forging new connections, stir new challenges, and instill the value of sustainability.

    Covering recent events at China Fashion Week, the Chinese-language fashion portal Efu has posted a steady stream of thorough content, from runway show coverage to trend-spotting. Nels at Stylites in Beijing has also filed on-the-ground reports, with photos of who and what is making the rounds in the Beijing fashion world, while Yitrends has posted runway shots from several collections.

    So far, an interesting standout from China Fashion Week has been the dominance of menswear. With eight domestic and foreign menswear brands having shown already, compared to only five womenswear brands, there seems to be an emphasis on "he fashion" and a focus on the young, trendy (and lucrative) male consumer. Efu provides a nice roundup of the menswear trends seen at China Fashion Week, which include color accents, quality fabrics and accessories, particularly scarf and bag combos.

    Another interesting development this year is the new partnership between China Fashion Week and the global logistics and transport company DHL, which has led to the "DHL Express Fashion" events, aimed at promoting up-and-coming designers. Activities include an avant-garde designer show, graduate student design exhibition, and a DHL Fashion Design award ceremony. Organizers hope their partnership with DHL will reflect global support for emerging Chinese designers while strengthening the international standing of China Fashion Week.

    Jing Daily will continue to keep an eye on China Fashion Week as it continues through the 31st.

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