China Clamps Down On German Hairy Crabs

    When it comes to hairy crabs—a delicious delicacy in China and a lucrative export in Germany—the Chinese government means business in ensuring crab authenticity.
    Jing Daily
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      Published   in Finance

    China is serious about its hairy crabs, the odd-looking crustaceans that are a popular delicacy in Shanghai. Their price rises by about 20 percent every year, and as with any desirable commodity in China, they have spurred the sale of many knockoffs.

    However, China wants to get tough to protect its crabs' authenticity. According to the video above, the creatures are also found in Germany but are considered a "pest" there, and thus serve as a lucrative export. A seller on Taobao marketed its hairy crabs as imported from Germany, stating that the water was cleaner as a selling point. China's quarantine authorities took notice, and are now stating that the seller is not authorized to sell the crabs. “We need the German side to provide materials regarding aquatic breeding and disease control… it is likely that the crabs might contain parasites or other harmful substances,” said a Quarantine Bureau official.

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