Chengdu's ‘Shrine To Shopping’: A Peek Inside The World’s Largest Building

    With an indoor beach, aquarium, mall, hotel, and more, it's hard to comprehend the sheer immensity of the New Century Global Center.
    Jing Daily
    Jing DailyAuthor
      Published   in Finance

    Last month, China unveiled the world’s largest building in the western city of Chengdu, a massive 1.9-million-square-meter space large enough to house three U.S. Pentagons or four Vatican Cities.

    When it’s completed, the New Century Global Center will feature a hotel, shopping with more than 150 stores, and a gigantic indoor beach longer than the Statue of Liberty is tall. Last week, CBS became the first American news crew allowed to film inside the building, and made its best attempt to convey the structure's almost unfathomable immensity. The segment refers to the building as a “shrine to shopping”, and when a Chinese visitor is asked what he would tell foreigners who come to look at the building, he simply says, “welcome to China.”

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