Case Study: Shang Xia’s ‘Seeding Man’ Campaign Projects 'Made In China'-Chic

    For the Hermès-owned Chinese luxury label's Paris boutique opening, digital agency Fred & Farid created a unique social media campaign aimed at proving that "made in China" can mean high quality.
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    How do you make the concept of “made in China” ultra-chic? That was the challenge faced by Paris- and Shanghai-based digital communication agency Fred & Farid, which was tasked with developing a marketing campaign to promote the Paris flagship opening for Chinese-French hybrid brand Shang Xia (上下) to Chinese net users. After its campaign drew over six million page views on social media, the agency has released a new video outlining the creative process in thinking up the promotion.

    The main problem in promoting the new boutique in France, according to the video, was the stereotype that “made in China is often seen as low-quality." In order to combat that idea, the agency created a digital campaign surrounding a mysterious masked man traveling from China to bring “culture seeds" to Paris. The intrigue of the story and the campaign’s high-end aesthetics were able to generate organic conversation on Sina Weibo, gaining a great deal of attention for the opening.

    Watch the video above to see how the agency was able to capture net users' attention.

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