3 Tips from Roger Dubuis and Pirelli's Race-Themed E-Commerce Campaign

    The 'Race Against Time' WeChat campaign by Roger Dubuis and Pirelli featured an exclusive watch made of Pirelli tires and lasted an auspicious 8,888 minutes.
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    Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis (of Richemont Group) partnered with Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli to create an exclusive timepiece for Chinese consumers. Called the Excalibur Spider Pirelli, the watch features a strap created from Pirelli's signature tire rubber and the company's iconic colors: yellow, red and blue.

    On July 10, a WeChat campaign called "Race Against Time" was launched for the collaboration in an effort to attract Chinese car lovers who also appreciate luxury watches. The campaign is designed by VELVET Group, a Shanghai-based digital agency servicing premium brands.

    During the run of the campaign, more than five million people (mostly men) from mainland China saw this campaign. The targeted demographic was selected based on their interest, such as automotive, finance, travel and menswear. The campaign attracted 17,000 engagements and garnered Roger Dubuis an additional 7,500 followers to its WeChat account.

    High points:#

    As the product itself is a marriage between a timepiece and a race car, the campaign's Race Against Time theme was expressed in many details of the campaign. The countdown effect triggered the readers’ winning spirit, taking them into the excitement of a race. Since the number eight is considered lucky in China, a limited edition consisted of 88 pieces and the length of the campaign was 8,888 minutes.

    Here’s how it worked:#

    Designed to feel like a race, the campaign gave consumers 8,888 minutes, roughly 6 six days, to complete the race to win the watch.

    The roaring sound of a race car could be heard the moment the reader opened the post (the campaign was designed as an H5 interactive post). There is a countdown dashboard that shows how many minutes are left until the race is over.

    For each watch, there was a detailed description, and the reader had the choice to call for more information or enter their personal information to book an appointment in-store.


    For brands interested in creating a successful CRM campaign, here are some tips for obtaining a higher engagement rate:

    1. Deadline: Set a tight deadline for your campaign and use the natural social habitat of WeChat to create a flurry of buzz.
    2. Exclusive offer: Make WeChat your newsletter and offer your followers exclusive product news that they can't get elsewhere.
    3. Direct consumers to the store: Consumers probably won't purchase a high-priced luxury item directly from an e-commerce platform, so it's always a good idea to facilitate a visit to the store to ensure a successful transaction.

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