Campaign Spotlight | De Beers' Mini Movie Featuring Zhang Jingchu

    The diamond company and actress team up to shoot a romance-filled ad in Israel complete with shots of the desert, the Dead Sea, and an attractive male suitor.
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    Global diamond conglomerate De Beers recently teamed up with actress Zhang Jingchu (张静初) to create a mini-movie filmed in Israel featuring shots of the desert and the Dead Sea, as well as a mysterious guitar-toting wanderer, sentimental piano music, and an attractive male suitor. Assessments of the ad's over-the-top romanticism on Chinese advertising news site Adquan are mixed: some comments say it has “excellent filming,” is “well-executed,” has “pleasant music,” and is “incredibly beautiful,” while others believe it “looks like MTV,” has a “mediocre story,” and is “trivial."

    In order to catch up to its competitors in the China, the company embarked on a significant expansion plan in 2012, and opened its third Hong Kong store this month.

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