Breakfast Briefing: What Do Chinese Tourists Want?

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    "Event Time: 2013-05-14"

    China Luxury Advisors and Jing Daily present:

    Breakfast Briefings#

    Attracting, Converting and Retaining Chinese Customers

    China Luxury Advisors and Jing Daily have partnered to host a series of training workshops to provide prestige brands, retailers, hospitality, non-profits and tourist destinations with strategic insights into the Chinese customer. Tactical training will help companies raise their profile among Chinese travelers, implement strategies and tactics to drive sales and create loyalty initiatives that produce results.

    May 14, 2013: What Do Chinese Tourists Want? Getting on the Summer Itinerary.#

    China's outbound tourists outspent the longtime global leaders from Germany in 2012, dropping a total of US$102 billion on foreign trips compared to just US$84 billion by German tourists. China's 41% increase from 2011 is expected to continue in 2013 and beyond.

    Summer is the busiest travel period for Chinese tourists – far more active than traditional Chinese holidays such as Lunar New Year or Golden Week – and a must-win opportunity for retailers and hospitality providers in key gateway cities.

    More Chinese tourists will be visiting the United States than ever before this summer: Are you ready?

    What do Chinese tourists want?#

    CLA will give an overview of the opaque Chinese travel ecosystem, review best practices for driving Chinese tourist traffic and provide specific recommendations for how to secure your spot on the Chinese traveler itinerary this summer.

    This interactive workshop will be conducted in a small group format at AW Asia, which showcases one of the premier collections of contemporary Chinese art. The session includes a light breakfast and coffee.

    Tuesday May 14, 2013#

    8:00am: Check-in with coffee, light breakfast and networking
    8:30am: Workshop begins
    10:30am: Workshop concludes
    11:00am: Q&A concludes

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