Brand To Watch: Gioia Pan

    Award-winning Taiwanese label Gioia Pan continues to make its mark across the Strait.
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    The "Queen Of Knits" Showcases Individuality And Detail At Top China Trade Fair#

    Next week's 9th Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair (April 17-19) is likely to draw the mainland's top fashion designers—as well as Taiwanese contenders, who continue to make their mark with Chinese consumers. One of the brands to watch this year is the award-winning Taiwan label Gioia Pan. Known in China as the "queen of knits," designer Yi-Liang Pan recasts traditional knitting techniques in modern cuts and styles, in an intriguing mix of old and new.

    Cueing off the concept of "black," Pan's Spring 2013 collection is a marked departure from Taiwan's mass-production approach to fashion that Jing Daily previously reported. Pan's pieces are hand-knit and sewn, incorporating touches of leather, satin, silk, and Swarovski crystals—feminine and chic, but with an edge. In addition to the unique handmade pieces, the designer offers the option of individually tailor-made bespoke garments.

    Gioia Pan has already won many awards and participated in major international fashion events such as the fashion weeks in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Busan and Singapore. It was awarded the 2003 Shanghai Fashion Award, the Top Ten Designer Award in 2008 and the China Fashion Week brand award in both 2009 and 2012. Pan has also cooperated on projects with major names in luxury such as Mercedes-Benz, Bvlgari, Estée Lauder and Lancôme.

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