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    Daydream Nation's whimsical designs and vibrant use of pastels all serve the creative purpose of illustrating a story.
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    “This Is A Story About Adventure"#

    “Great fashion is storytelling and creating something that is just beyond a piece of garment or accessory,” designer Kay Wong recently told Inverted Edge, a company that seeks and sells high-end and unique brands in the Asia-Pacific region. Along with her brother Jing Wong, Kay -- a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design -- is behind the Hong Kong-based independent fashion brand

    Daydream Nation#

    . Established in 2006, the brand now consists of four designers including the Wong siblings, Carlos Chiu and Tore Cheung.

    It may be a young brand, but already Daydream Nation has racked up several impressive accolades, including White Milan’s "Womanswear inside White Award" in 2008, Perspective/Cierre Italia’s "40 under 40" Design award and Vogue Italia’s "Vogue Talent 2010" in 2009, and Hong Kong’s "Ten Outstanding Designers' Award" in 2011. Over the past few years, the label has collaborated with brands including Urban Outfitters and Peter Jenson, as well as dressed international celebrities such as Ke$ha and Juliette Binoche.

    The brand’s whimsical designs and vibrant use of pastels all serve the creative purpose of illustrating a story. As Kay Wong told Jing Daily, “At first we focused on more of the fashion of the work. Then we decided to focus on storytelling. Every piece has its own story.” In that spirit, Daydream Nation’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection weaves together a folk story inspired by "Bremen Town Musicians" by the Brothers Grimm and the PIXAR animated film "Up."

    As Kay told us of the new collection, “This is a story about adventure. We focused a lot on the narrative of the story.” The sense of adventure and escapism is apparent in the collection’s bold use of color and design. The line even includes a dress shaped like a cat, available in a range of vibrant colors, a powerful visual representation of the folk story it represents. When we asked her favorite piece, Kay laughed and responded that she liked the cat dress best. “As for accessories," Kay said, "I like the chunky necklaces because they are very colorful.”

    Daydream Nation plans on launching two more retail stores in Hong Kong in the near future, one at the Hong Kong Arts Centre and another at the K11 Art Mall. The brand sees itself as a local art hub, and creates a community by collaborating with local artists. Daydream Nation also hopes to extend its business throughout Asia, with Kay telling us, “We hope to expand [eventually] to the China market,” adding that Japan and South Korea are also on the horizon.

    DAYDREAM NATION on great fashion & storytelling from INVERTED EDGE on Vimeo.

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