BMW's First Sub-Brand Model Spotted In China

    A heavily camouflaged car model resembling BMW's X1 has recently been sighted cruising the streets in China, and is believed to be the first model produced by BMW's new China sub-brand.
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    Camouflaged Zhi Nuo SUV Heavily Resembles X1#

    A heavily camouflaged model of what car experts believe is the first model created under BMW's new Zhi Nuo sub-brand. (Auto Car)

    Car blogs have been buzzing about a recent sighting of what they say is likely the first model to be created under BMW's new sub-brand, Zhi Nuo (之诺), or Zinoro. The photo released by auto blog Auto Car shows a heavily camouflaged SUV which strongly resembles a BMW model. According to China Car Times, the model is currently testing in the Chinese market.

    Bloggers have taken note that the new model closely resembles BMW's X1. Executives have previously hinted that the car could be sold on the international market, but before the photo surfaced, commentators previously speculated that export would not be a major aim if the brand produced cars based on older models. When the new sub-brand was announced in March as part of a continuation of BMW's joint venture with Shenyang-based Brilliance, car experts speculated that the move was mainly due to BMW's goal to gain legal rights to expand production in China.

    We will have to wait several months to see the new SUV's official reveal--the sub-brand's first model is expected to be debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November, and will likely be available for sale in 2014.

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