BMW's Chinese Art Car On The Way?

    BMW's cultural promotions in China have included three China Culture Journey art exhibitions and the compilation of a list of the 100 most important figures in Chinese contemporary art. Soon, however, they could include the first-ever Art Car by a Chinese artist.
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    Daniel Kirchert, Senior VP Of BMW Brilliance Automotive, Discusses Company's Plans, Possible Chinese Art Car#

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    This week, Daniel Kirchert of BMW Brilliance Automotive -- BMW's China joint venture -- spoke with a reporter at the Global Times about BMW's plans for continuing its cultural promotion activities in China (previously on Jing Daily), which last year included three China Culture Journey art exhibitions and a list of the 100 most important figures in Chinese contemporary art.

    From the interview:

    Global Times: How do sponsored cultural activities benefit BMW's presence in China?

    DDK: BMW has consistently pursued simultaneous development of both enterprise and society as a part of our unified global strategy. In China, BMW strives to combine commercial development with social contribution. Through our series of social contribution activities, people are more aware of the profound meaning of our core value: joy.

    GT: What the aims for BMW's cultural promotion programs?

    DDK: BMW's cultural promotion programs cover protection of cultural heritage, music, painting, carving and film. Promoting cultural exchange, popularizing the arts and improving levels of cultural knowledge are clear indicators of BMW's long-term commitment to the Chinese market.

    GT: What plans does BMW have for promoting new Chinese artists?

    DDK: Here, let me give you a hint: As we all know that BMW has a historical tradition of Art Cars all over the world. And as we deepen our cooperation with Chinese artists, I am positive that the first-ever BMW Art Car designed by a Chinese artist will be unveiled in the near future.

    Kirchert's last response is interesting, not only because it shows that BMW's "cultural outreach" in China is a high priority but because Jing Daily wrote an article last month about the possibility that BMW could commission a Chinese artist for the next art car. As we wrote at that time, only one Asian artist has been chosen for this program since 1975, the Japanese artist Matazo Kayama, and with BMW's unprecedented popularity in the mainland Chinese market and the growing status of Chinese contemporary artists, it seems the time is ripe for a Chinese Art Car.

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