Beijing Opera In Peril

    The New York Times today looks into the declining interest in traditional art forms, such as Beijing Opera, among the country's younger generation.
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    Many Worried That Focus On Economic Development, Interest In Western Culture, Contributing To Gradual Loss Of Culture#

    The New York Times has posted a fascinating article that looks into the declining interest in traditional Chinese art forms like Beijing Opera among the country's younger generation. Definitely worth a read for anyone interested in the "generation gap" that exists in China, between older generations interested in preserving China's traditional arts in the face of globalization and the younger urban generation more interested in careers, money, and Western, Korean or Japanese pop culture.

    From the article:

    The worry though is that, like the city’s old neighborhoods, Beijing opera could fall victim to China’s rampant commercialism and modernization. If it did, it would be a bit like Italy consigning Verdi or Donizetti to a few small halls in Milan and Rome, or to those folkloric shows for tourists who mostly do not know much about what they are seeing.

    “Objectively speaking, right now there are some difficulties,” said Qiao Cuirong, a senior professor at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, summing up the current state of Beijing opera. “People are interested in money and modernity and Western things, so our own culture has lost something.”

    Read the full article here.


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