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    "Event Time: 2013-04-30"

    Art Beijing 2013 will be held at the Agricultural Exhibition Center of China in Beijing, with an exhibition space of 20,000 sq meters, approximately the same as the previous year. The exhibition area will also be divided into “Contemporary Art” section and “Classic Art” sections. Art Beijing plans to invite 200 art galleries, art agencies, and art media from both home and abroad to participate. Exhibited works will cover a range of media, including Chinese calligraphy, oil painting, engraving, sketch, sculpture, installation, photo, video, antiques, furniture, and jewelry.

    The 2013 Art Beijing Fair’s “Classic Art” exhibition area will present an all-new layout and wider range of works, divided into “Classic Chinese” and “Classic Western” zones. Works on exhibit will include Chinese painting, ink painting, porcelain works, Western paintings from the 18th to 19th centuries, Russian oil paintings, and classic furniture. In addition, four classic and academic theme exhibitions will be highlights of the “Classic Art” exhibition area.

    Following its philosophy of “based in China and serving all of Asia”, Art Beijing 2013 will introduce more art elements from throughout Asia, outlining of the current ecology of Asian art. The “Art Breakthrough” theme exhibition will follow this concept, bringing together works by artists recommended by influential art galleries in Japan and South Korea, with a view to providing outstanding Japanese and Korean artists a powerful platform to reach audiences in China. The exhibition will serve as a bridge between the art communities of Asian countries.

    In addition, the photography theme exhibition, auction pre-exhibition, art platform, VIP education forum, and art philanthropy program will again return for Art Beijing 2013. These programs significantly enrich the content of the Art Beijing Fair while bringing into full play the functions of Art Beijing as a platform for art promotion, education and communication. The carefully coordinated lineup of activities and programs helps Art Beijing further extend its impact in the domains of both business and academia.

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