Anne-Sophie Mutter (Shanghai)

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    "Event Time: 2013-06-12"

    German concert violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter performs with her ensemble "Mutter’s Virtuosi," which consists of 14 scholarship students of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation for exceptionally promising young musicians . Mutter herself began her professional career playing with the Berlin Philharmonic at just 13 years old. Since then, she has gained international recognition and dozens of awards throughout the years, including the Ernst von Siemens -- often referred to as the "Nobel Prize of Music."

    Shanghai Oriental Art Center#

    French Architect Paul Andreu's 40,000 sqm blossoming five-petal flower constructed from glass, wood and steel is a new Pudong landmark for concerts and classical performances. Each petal marks a separate space: entrance hall, performance hall, concert hall, exhibition gallery and opera hall.

    425 Dingxiang Lu, near Century Blvd
    上海东方艺术中心, 浦东新区丁香路425号

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