Amid COVID-19, Hublot Starts Selling Via WeChat

    Beginning April 13th, fans of the Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot can access the latest releases on WeChat, ahead of other global markets.
    Three newly released Hublot watches, each priced around $27,000, are available to purchase via WeChat. Photo: Hublot/WeChat
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    Beginning April 13th, fans of the Swiss luxury watch brand, Hublot, can now purchase the latest releases on WeChat ahead of other global markets. The brand’s latest launch, for example, is the Big Bang MECA-10 Black Magic, which retails for around $27,000. Interested buyers are required to register on their official WeChat account to place an order. Once booked, they can enjoy value-added services like a 4-year warranty, additional belt and other engraving services.

    This is the first time the prestigious watch brand has launched new items exclusively on WeChat. In addition to being in the know about upcoming product releases, customers can now enjoy a host of other services if they register via WeChat, including but not limited to being able to browse all technical watch information, apply for free delivery services, receive extended warranties, chat online with tech or sales teams, and even participate in offline events.

    Jing Take:#

    The unexpected COVID-19 crisis has forced many industries to adapt, the hard luxury sector included. The fact that high-end watch brand has moved so quickly to sell via WeChat indicates the growing, perhaps inevitable, trend of the digitalization of luxury. As we’ve covered previously in Jing Daily, many apparel and leather goods luxury brands have turned to customer-centric solutions as a way of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. And now, Hublot has followed suit, shifting to a loyalty program via WeChat to substitute missing retail services, as an effort to keep their valued clientele informed and interested, and hopefully survive this difficult time.

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