Alibaba signs David Beckham as AliExpress global rep

    The football star features in AliExpress’ “Score More with AliExpress” campaign for the Uefa Euro 2024 tournament.
    David Beckham in AliExpress’ latest ad. Image: Alibaba Group
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    Alibaba, owner of AliExpress, is enhancing its sales efforts amid rising competition from Temu and Shein. Former England football captain David Beckham will promote AliExpress in its largest global ambassador deal, as part of the “Score More with AliExpress” campaign for the Uefa Euro 2024 tournament.

    Thanks in part to the estimated 250 million Manchester United supporters in China, the former football player enjoys a large following throughout the nation. In May last year, Beckham announced his appointment as brand ambassador for The Londoner Macau in Macau and presided over the upscale hotelier’s grand opening.

    As we have reported, Western athletes are becoming the new cultural ambassadors, according to experts like China marketing specialist Amber Wu. “These athletes provide a window into Western sports, fashion, and celebrity culture,” Wu told Jing Daily in February.

    Beckham’s involvement in local fan culture has contributed to his rise to fame throughout China. The legend has 9.7 million Weibo followers and has worked with brands including British menswear label Kent & Curwen, which was previously owned by Hong Kong-based Trinity Group.

    However, Beckham’s latest appointment as AliExpress’ global ambassador comes as the European Commission investigates the Chinese e-commerce firm’s compliance with the Digital Services Act, focusing on risky products and protecting minors. Despite the competition, Alibaba’s international division reported a 45% revenue increase last quarter.

    However, Alibaba, like its rivals, faces criticism over labor practices, with co-founder Jack Ma endorsing a demanding “996” work schedule, which involves working 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week.

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