Aegis Asserts 'Strong Confidence' In China's Luxury Market With Clarity Launch

    The media and digital communications group has announced a new agency devoted to tracking the demands of China's rising affluent class.
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    Leading media and digital communications group Aegis Media announced today its launch of Clarity, an integrated luxury media agency in China.

    At a time when China’s luxury consumers are becoming rapidly more diverse and individualistic in tastes, demands, and preferences, the agency will survey the “rising Chinese affluent class” to offer luxury brands a “deep understanding of the values, attitudes and media habits of this rapidly growing and increasingly more sophisticated Chinese consumer,” according to the agency’s announcement.

    “Clarity’s launch demonstrates our strong confidence in China’s high-end consumption market,” said KF Lee, CEO of Aegis Media greater China. The agency will be headed by Howard Smith as managing director, a marketing communications professional with 18 years of experience who has worked in communications planning in Europe and is heavily involved in digital marketing development. “I believe, led by Howard Smith, Clarity can best help our clients win by offering a dedicated luxury media communication service,” said Lee.

    According to Smith, the launch of Clarity is “timely” considering the fact that “the Chinese affluent classes have adopted a nonlinear approach to purchase decisions, which can start from any media touch point and require multiple validations.”

    Smith also notes that the agency will provide “the most granular understanding of how to drive brand preference and customer loyalty in this enormous and increasingly ubiquitous premium and luxury market.”

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