Actress Chen Ran Customizes Jeans For Chloé, Benefiting Soong Ching Ling Foundation

    Chen's customized jeans were presented in Beijing at Chloé's China World boutique as part of Vogue Fashion Night, marking Chloé's first collaboration with a Chinese artist this year.
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    Chloé Said To Be Looking At More Collaborations With Chinese Artists#

    Recently, the French fashion house Chloé invited the Chinese actress and socialite Chen Ran (陈燃) to customize a pair of jeans to be sold at auction, benefiting the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. The customized jeans were presented in Beijing for Vogue Fashion Night at Chloé's China World boutique. This marked Chloé's first collaboration with a Chinese artist this year, although the brand is also experimenting with localization with a limited-edition handbag commemorating five years in the China market.

    According to Sina, as a result of the successful cooperation with Chen, Chloé flew her to Paris to take part in Paris Fashion Week. Chen is also rumored to be working with Chloé on custom collections of handbags, shoes and clothing. Chloé's decision to work with Chen Ran, Sina suggests, reflects the growing importance of the China market not only as a source of customers but also design talent, a development we've seen other major luxury brands -- such as Hermès, Ferragamo, and Titoni -- leverage in recent months.


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