WeChat Campaign Spotlight: Roger Dubuis Promotes 'Daring' Identity with Interactive Promotion

    The watchmaker's new interactive campaign on mobile messaging app WeChat features tailored watch recommendations based on users' personalities.
    Screenshots from the new Roger Dubuis WeChat campaign.
    Lotus RuanAuthor
      Published   in Hard Luxury

    In order to highlight its "audacious" brand identity, Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis recently launched a new WeChat campaign which aims to help users find a watch that best matches their personality and give them a chance to win VIP experiences.

    Called “Who is your daring partner?” the HTML 5-based interactive page designed by digital agency VELVET is available via Roger Dubuis’ official WeChat account or through scanning a dedicated QR code using the app to access the page. The landing page, which introduces the name of the campaign in poetic way, prompts users to tap a button to start a set a questions. Fans can also click the recorder icon on the top right corner of the page to play rhythmic music.

    Participants are asked to choose between two images of a city skyline, one at night and the other in the daytime, followed by a choice between coffee and tea. The third question provides users an option of a fancy-looking yacht or a sports car. Next, participants can opt for a preference of treating themselves a relaxing party or challenging themselves with a workout session. In the end, Roger Dubuis asks participants to choose between fire and ice.

    After scrolling through this set of questions, users will need to shake to get their best "Daring Partner" timepiece recommendation from models in Roger Dubuis’ classic Excalibur watch collection based on a brief analysis of their personal traits. The page does not offer direct purchase of the selected watch, but directs participants to head to Roger Dubuis stores to purchase.

    In addition, participants who share snapshots will get a chance to win "extraordinary" experiences in China including tickets for the upcoming FFF GT Race in Shanghai this September, an invitation to an exclusive Roger Dubuis event in October, or admission to watch "connoisseur courses" in the brand’s Beijing or Shanghai branches.

    The campaign also uses Chinese social media influencers such as Ji Liang, who has over 256,000 followers on WeChat, to reach beyond the brand’s target audience.

    Established in 1995, Roger Dubuis is a fairly young but rising brand in the luxury watch industry. In recent years, the brand has been ambitiously expanding in the China market with an active presence on WeChat, including advertisements as Tencent has developed banner and Moments advertising capabilities on the app.

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