70 Percent of Chinese College Students Will Spend Valentine’s Day Alone

    Today on social media, Chinese consumers are talking about candidates for the Victoria's Secret show in Shanghai and how many Chinese students will spend Valentine's Day alone.
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    70 percent of college students will spend Chinese Valentine’s Day alone#

    As Chinese Valentine’s Day falls on August 28, the latest report by the Chinese career consulting company Mycos disclosed the relationship status of Chinese college students. People are surprised to know that 70 percent of college students remain single. 68 percent of the singles wish to be in a relationship. The biggest reason (given by 51 percent of singles) is that they claim to be introverted and not good at expressing their feelings. 43 percent say they have a "small social circle" and 37 percent think that they're single because they're not confident about their appearance. Only 27 percent enjoy single life and “purposely don’t want to fall in love."

    Weibo comment: “That’s because everyone has their phone as the companion now.”

    Victoria's Secret Pink Shanghai store. Photo: Victoria Secret/Weibo
    Victoria's Secret Pink Shanghai store. Photo: Victoria Secret/Weibo

    People are debating the merits of potential candidates for the first Victoria's Secret show in China#

    The 2017 Victoria's Secret fashion show will be held in China for the first time this year, and will likely be a very special event for Chinese consumers. Chinese web users are already buzzing about potential candidates that are going to walk the show. Many voted for Liu Wen, praising her natural look and positive energy, and Ju Xiaowen, who is famous for her quirky and down-to-earth personality. Netizens also noticed that a lot of candidates are overwhelmingly Chinese or Asian, which is also appealing to its consumers.

    Weibo comment: “Looking forward to the performance of our Chinese girls.”

    What you can learn from this 50-year-old pancake-making internet sensation#

    The emergence of live streaming has given a media boost to small businesses everywhere. But what Chinese netizens are currently obsessed with is Mr. Gong, a 50-year-old man who live streams his food stand business. According to him, the business is so good that he bought two houses and could afford to send his kids to college. He started live streaming at the beginning of the year, and has already gained a daily viewership of 20,000. What's his secret? Absolute transparency. He gives pancake-making tutorials and offers free in-person courses to his fans. When being interviewed by the media, one of his students who was also there said he was attracted by Mr. Gong’s live streaming channel and traveled down to meet him and learn the ins and outs of pancake-making. Mr. Gong also applied an omni-channel marketing strategy to retain fans. For anyone who bought a pancake with food stamps, they could get a bottle of free soy milk if they subscribe to his online live-streaming channel.

    Weibo comment: “Grandpa uses live stream to promote his shop and also teach others to make pancakes. Cheers to the most positive internet celebrity!”

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