Event Watch | Luxury Outlook: The End of the Asian Luxury El Dorado?

    On March 31, join industry professionals to learn more about how Chinese consumers are driving the future of the global luxury market at the sixth annual Luxury Outlook conference in Paris.
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    The Luxury Outlook event takes place in Paris on March 31. (Shutterstock)
    The Luxury Outlook event takes place in Paris on March 31. (Shutterstock)

    For many years, Asia and Asian clients have been driving the luxury industry’s growth. But since 2013, China’s economy has been experiencing upheavals that have been affecting this sector. What does that mean for the luxury industry on a global scale? The Luxury Outlook conference in Paris on March 31, titled "The End of the Asian Luxury El Dorado?" seeks to address this question and other issues brands and professionals now face in light of China's slowdown.

    The sixth edition of this half-day conference, organized by the International Luxury Business Association in partnership with the BBC, Ipsos, and Boston Consulting Group, provides a reflection on the topics making the headlines of the luxury business news with the contribution of leading experts in their respective fields. Points of discussion include the following:

    • Is it possible to anticipate changes in the Chinese economy in the medium term?
    • To what extent does the slowdown in Chinese economic growth affect the regional economy?
    • Is the state of the Chinese economy the sole factor explaining difficulties faced by some industry segments or by some brands?
    • How do brands woo increasingly mobile Chinese clients?
    • Are Chinese customers tired of luxury?
    • Are European brands challenged by domestic, regional or international luxury brands?

    The seminar will also highlight the potential created by Chinese tourists and challenge high-end brands and industry professionals to consider how they can better cater to outbound shoppers.

    Speakers for their 2016 Paris program include:#

    • Catherine Jubin, Founder & Director, The International Luxury Business Association
    • Olivier Garnier, Chief Economist, Société Générale Group
    • Olivier Abtan, Managing Director & Partner, The Boston Consulting Group
    • Françoise Hernaez-Fourrier, Strategic Planning Director, Ipsos
    • Philippe Perié, Chief Data Officer, Ipsos
    • Isabelle Capron, VP International, Icicle
    • Roth Lai, Deputy Editorial Director, Elle China, Hearst Magazines China
    • Olivier Schaeffer, Global COO, Sephora
    • Ivan Tong, CEO, Sparkle Roll
    • Franck Wu, CEO, TTF Haute Joaillerie

    Click here to visit the event website and register.

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